Why Quarterly Planning is vital for your business?

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Why quarterly planning??

It’s a big question and one that takes time to answer, one that takes us on a journey with the questioner that takes us away from the point.

I am having my bathroom done at the moment – he is unusual, a plumber that turns up, lets me know what time he is coming, is the cleanest workman I have ever experienced and is a true craftsman in that he has never been employed, he started his own business at 16 and has never worked as a wage slave and has never had a boss. images (15)

He also never works ‘On’ his business. Sound familiar?

Being a business owner can be a lonely place; it’s tough at the top, there is only one of you and you cannot ‘whinge’ down the chain of command as it devalues everything you have created and can show you as weak to the people who are relying on you to pay their mortgages.

images (7)So you need someone to work with. Someone you can bounce ideas off, someone to let off steam with. Try networking? A great way to meet other businesses owners, people who get it – or a fantastic way to get ‘sold to’ for 2 hours, become a little more rotund and a brilliant distraction. Don’t get me wrong, networking is a fantastic platform and I am loving the diverse range of people we meet and do business with that we would never have met without it but… can networking offer the shoulder that business owners need?  No, not often.

So you look at business coaching?

Who would pay all that money for something they cannot see, feel or measure? Well, lots of people do… At Sales Academy, we appreciate that investing into the unknown is always a ‘punt’ a ‘gamble’ and we know many entrepreneurial business owners and many accidental business owners, very few of either like to ‘gamble’ with their money.

We invite businesses to quarterly planning that we see the potential in. (it’s an ongoing thing, what would be the point of just doing one?). We are not into blindly taking coaching fees without our clients having the opportunity to see what we do and how we do it. We are that confident that we are happy to remove all of the smoke and mirrors that many coaches use and strip it back and adapt things for a team environment. Quarterly planning is a group format where you get the support you and your business needs for you to work ON your business not IN your business.

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This planning will give you the business support of other SME’s who are in the same boat as you along with the support of a committed abundant coaching team who will work with you to take your business to where YOU want it to go. You plan your business activity on a quarterly basis and create bite size chunks so that you can, work ‘On’ your business while you are ‘In’ your business.

Business owners do not need a boss but, they do want to be responsible for their own destiny, it’s why we started our business in the first place isn’t it?

Sales Academy quarterly planning includes:

  • One full day group event – At the end of this day you will leave with a clear, precise action plan, specific to the areas that you want to develop for the next 90 days in your business, that you have created.
  • A one page plan overview broken down by dates and targets
  • Telephone, Email and Skype support from Adam and Amanda
  • An organically grown networking environment – no pressure to bring referrals or give referrals, but with business owners in the room, we will all naturally end up networking and linking other people up with reliable businesses that we would recommend.

You no longer have to be on your own and you no longer have to invest significant amounts of money into something you cannot feel or see the value of…

£49 per month – if you can find a better way of investing in you and your business we would love to hear about it.strategic2 more simple steps and you are in…

Click here to register and setup your direct debit



Arrive here on 3rd April and begin the next phase of your business, home-page-hatherley-lawn

with support that works for you.




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