I’ve got a Secret…

The sales Academy bookworm reads all sorts of books and loves to share their experiences of those books, good or bad. We do not get paid for writing reviews and will always offer their honest opinion of each publication. We don’t always read the newest of books/ the latest ‘cool read’ we read books that resonate with us and the people that we work with, I am sure many of you out there will have read this and have opinions of your own… share them with us we would love to hear your thoughts

secret bookThe Secret written by Rhonda Byrne

It was not quite what I was expecting to be honest, I expected a story. So many books of this type take you on a journey of someones experience in a fictional way to illustrate the point. This book went about things in a different and refreshing way. The thing about this book is that it does not aim to be like others it has its own way and draws opinion from many sources rather than purely looking at things from the authors perspective. The use of terms that are easy to understand is the thing that raises this book from others in my opinion I am thinking of the TV Transmitter for those who have read this. I love the physical size of the book as it’s easy to take with you and it looks ace! When you see and feel this book you are going to want to read it, the paper is of high quality and the cover alone makes you feel like you are about to step into the inner sanctum. I love the illustrations and the format of the book is brilliant, the summaries at the end of each chapter reinforce the things that have been covered meaning that once you have read the book 3 times you can refer to the summaries and they will do the work for you – I love this concept and would certainly be something I would employ in my own publication!

Now, I do tend to read in bed and at times the paper becomes a little annoying, it has a shine to it which I do love as you can feel the quality but it does mean I have to keep moving the book about, on a personal note I found the italics a little hard to read as well which slowed my reading down as I had to really look at it to see what it said – which actually does force your brain to really take things in so maybe its been designed that way. My only real negative was that at times it felt slightly like an advert for The Secret Film but other than that I can find nothing negative to say. I have always been a great believer of the Law of Attraction, this book as been key for me to see how the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. You know what this book does? It shows the steps to make your dreams into a reality… but you have to work too. You have to put everything into practice and work at it. It is no good paying lip service to The Secret or the Law of Attraction you have to let it in too all corners of your mind; feel it and believe it!

In short, if you want to look at the world, the universe and you in a different way then read this gem of a book and you wont look back. The Secret is currently available on Amazon for £8.94 and I know this having bought 2 copies for gifts for those who will appreciate it and ‘get it’.

Happy reading!



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  1. There is a link on this page to take you through to Amazon, where you can find this and many other books we value. If you enjoyed the book, share you thoughts in a comment below, let others know. Thanks.


  2. Bonjour my name is Jill and I’m a student and this site really helped me. I’m inspired! Thanks very much!

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